What About Medical Marijuana?


What About Medical Marijuana?

Almost everybody has questions about this topic. Some people are angry about legalization and do not understand that there are more uses than just getting high. There are people who could benefit from the proven benefits, but refuse to acknowledge this or even give it a try when it could be the one thing to make a difference for themselves or someone they love who is suffering.

It has proven effects for people with seizures, cancer, anxiety and more. If a drop of this oil could prevent your child from having a life threatening epileptic seizure, or help a cancer patient manage pain or have a better appetite wouldn’t you want that for them. You don’t have to sit down and inhale it. There are oils, drops, wax and topical applications that can be used according to the best results for each situation. These products are legal in all 50 states. In some cases, your doctor can give a prescription that can be taken to a medical provider to supply your needs. Ask for a list of local suppliers.

There are many opinions and discussions on both sides, so educate yourself and do a little research to help you decide if this is right for you. There is a stigma attached to using it because people do not understand all the benefits and some flat out refuse to listen or consider this alternative. Read some reports and check what the laws and policies are in your state. Ask your doctor or health care provider what their policies are.

If this should become a recommendation from your doctor to manage pain, appetite, nausea or another ailment do not dismiss it without understanding more about the benefits and uses. This is a private matter and does not need to come up in daily conversation and except for closest family and friends may be better kept a personal choice.

Medical research has come a long way and there are many new treatments, drugs and therapies that help extend our lives and make those who are ill more comfortable. Do not dismiss a new treatment without having the facts. There are many internet sites and resources that provide the latest research, opinions and documentation. Click on cbd for more information.


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